“Engaging Effectively with Innovation” as a graduate quality

20 September 2017

A Centre for Research on Learning and Innovation seminar.

The increasingly competitive, fluid and challenging work environments of the future require graduates who are prepared to work with knowledge that doesn’t yet exist, using practices that don’t yet exist, in jobs that don’t exist.  In this seminar, perticipants will be shown a new Canadian project that aims to address some of this need by developing “capability to engage effectively with innovation in the workplace” as a "graduate quality". In this context, "innovation" will be defined as the social process of creating enduring value by successfully mobilising new ideas in the workplace. Our emerging plan for developing the graduate capability includes:

In the discussion, the presenter will ask particpants to comment on how they think "Engaging Effectively with Innovation"relates to “Inventiveness” as a quality demonstrated by graduates of The University of Sydney. He will also challenge participants to think of strategies to ensure that graduates can transfer capability in innovation from the workplace into in their other roles such as "community member" and "global citizen". Finally, he will ask the audience to consider how to ensure that at least some graduates develop further adaptive capability, as enablers and catalysts for innovation in the workplace.

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